Transformative Doll Making

Pamela Invented Transformative Doll Making

In early 2000, Pamela noticed that much of her art work was expressing her feelings, so she wrote a book about it.

Sometimes the feelings were scary

She made a whole series of drawings, paintings, and a 5-foot tall soft sculpture of Yukio Mishima committing Supuko before she left her abusive husband

Making the Art was Very Empowering

Pamela taught Doll Making as a Transformative Process in person and online all around the world. Many Art Therapists have used this work.

In 2014 Pamela Updated her Classic Book

The new version is Available as an ebook at or for printing on demand at Amazon

Pamela Celebrates Women

Hot Flashes are reason to get colorful and bond with others, to use up all your best fabrics and embellishments while you still can.

Transformative Art helps Bond and Uplift People

A blog image for each day during trying times can be shared with friends and help with coping.