About Pamela


Art, Words, Women, Healing

My path is to work with Art/Words/Women/healing, delighting in the creativity we all posses and helping others to discover their own gifts in the process.


Books to stimulate your creativity

Now available on Amazon.com and at HealingandTransformativeDolls.com


Thoughtful and Exciting Visual Images, 3-D Forms, and Stories

One of my earliest memories is saving to buy a gigantic box of crayons, then sleeping with it under my pillow. I was 5 and spent hours filling marblized composition books with illustrated stories about princesses. Now I live in my own home, where every room is studio space, overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca in NW Washington. I went back to college at 69 for graphic design and computer classes.

After years of designing patterns, teaching doll making, and traveling to sell at craft shows...plus working a 30-year Regular Job in health care, I'm free  to Make Art, all day, every day.


Contact Pamela

I love emails, so please send me one.

Check out my Amazon page for POD and Kindle books. I'd be happy to consult on whatever you're working on or interested in...some of the wide-ranging topics on my blog, perhaps, or how I achieved a particular sculptural or mixed media effect.


3007 S. Laurel St, Port Angeles, Washington 98362, United States

(360) 477-2080

email any time

If you are doing something very interesting and creative, and you're in the NW, I might be able to arrange to meet with you.